The over 40-unit residential building in Warsaw’s Wola district, with an unconventional design and high standard (two staircases of 7 and 11 floors above ground, including a two-story underground garage and two commercial units) houses 108 apartments ranging in size from 26 to 132 sqm.

Some apartments have terraces of up to 64m2, while others have gardens of up to 157m2. The first floor facades are finished to a high standard with stone and lacobel glass. Facade razor blades mounted to the building’s facade distinguish it from other such structures and give it a modern look.

Currently, finishing works are underway inside, and landscaping outside, the building.

Investor: Metropolis Investments
Total area: 13271 m2
The usable area of the apartments: 5766 m2
Number of apartments: 108
Start of work: November 2022
Completion of the work: 2023